Title: Two Sisters In Ireland
Author: Jeanne Selmer
Price: £0.77
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Leaving the men behind, Kenna and Nikki set out for a vacation and immediately take advantage of their freedom. While waiting for their flight to Ireland they meet, Aoife, an elderly Irish widow who is returning home to the joys and stresses of her tight-knit family. A lively chat ensues about holy wells and looking for their grandmother’s birthplace. Once in Ireland that conversation encourages the sisters to veer off the beaten paths where they find holy wells, encounter ghosts, and stumble upon fairy mounds. As one sister uses crystals to ward off potential danger, the other sister is skeptical. But not for long. As the story unfolds Aoife along with her family and friends change the direction and lives of the sisters. Kenna and Nikki go to places they would have never gone. They meet people they would have never met. They hear stories about Ireland and their heritage that they never knew. They sing and dance in pubs while enjoying pints with the locals. Unwinding from their hectic lives back home they face new challenges, igniting passions both spiritually and physically. Through rich descriptions of Ireland’s beautiful scenery and the stories told by its people, this tale brings readers on a colorful and engaging journey.

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