Title: The Quest of Narrigh (The Other Worlds Book 1)
Author: S.K. Holder
Price: FREE till Dec 08,2014
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(4)

THE OTHER WORLDS: where the realms of science-fiction and fantasy collide…
Connor becomes trapped in a terrifying new world while playing the online role-playing game (RPG), The Quest of Narrigh. He has no memory of how he got there. He played the game well on his brother’s computer. He defeated his enemies with his acts of defiance and bravery. Narrigh is now a reality. And in a world governed by magic, filled with hostile races, warring factions and ferocious beasts, Connor soon finds he must muster his courage if he wants to survive.

“Behind a set of steel doors, fifteen inches thick, lay the Stores. Forty-eight chambers of the Shardner’s secrets, concealed in boxes, vaults and vats. Access is restricted to no more than fifty of the Shardner’s special staff. Skelos Dorm is somewhere on that list, though he does not consider it a privilege…”

The scientist – Skelos Dorm – has been exiled to Narrigh from his home planet, Odisiris, for carrying out unlawful experiments. Forced to work for the Shardner government, he holds in his possession a great artifact that, if wielded, could disrupt the balance between the Narrigh and Odisiris and ultimately lead to their destruction…