Title: The Largest Sellers on eBay.com: Figures – Data – Facts
Author: Marion von Kuczkowski
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 stars(28)

Aside from time and experience, an outstanding market knowledge and marketplace knowledge are among the pillars needed to build a successful eBay business.
In “The Largest Sellers on eBay.com” I have analyzed the listings of more than a hundred eBay.com Titanium Power Sellers* while evaluations provide answers to the questions that every seller that sells on eBay.com should be asking, such as:

• On what days are the most items sold on eBay.com and what days see the highest sale prices?
• Which listing duration period has proven itself to be the best in terms of selling price and sales quota?
• What is the average selling price of the items sold on eBay.com?
• What is the proportion of auctions among the listing formats available to sellers?
• Which are the bestsellers among the eBay sellers with the highest revenues, and which are the bestsellers among the sellers with the highest sales figures?

In “The Largest Sellers on eBay.com,” you will find out what the numbers look like for the High Volume eBay sellers and get ideas on how to improve your own eBay listings.

A successful eBay business can’t be built overnight. Established eBay businesses have the advantage that they have already invested a lot of time and gained experience, but they have also started from scratch and work every day to meet the needs and requirements of the dynamic eBay marketplace.
The evaluations in this book show that there is potential for optimization, even for the top eBay sellers, and that ambitious newcomers still have opportunities to start on eBay.

*Titanium Power Sellers must generate at least $1,800,000 in sales or sell 180,000 items per year.