Title: The Hidden: A Fenris Lyall Tale (Werewolves and Shifters Book 1)
Author: Ethan Sandlow
Price: FREE till July 03,2015
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(10)

Fans of werewolves & shifters stories are in for a real treat with Ethan Sandlow’s first Werewolf Novella. “The Hidden” is the first in the series of the Fenris Lyall Werewolf Tales. This action packed werewolf novella introduces Fenris to the world, and he is not somebody who is going to be forgotten in a hurry. If you like reading books about werewolves, then let this paranormal fantasy thriller take to where you have never been before!

Fenris stands head and shoulders above any werewolf who has ever lived. He has wandered the earth for centuries ensuring that anyone who discovered his existence or his true ancestory was never left alive to tell the tale. However things were about to change.

Even readers who do not normally read Lycan books or shifter suspense stories have commented on how much they have enjoyed reading about the complex character which Fenris is. Read the reviews and see why readers find it hard to put this werewolves and shifters book down once they have started it. If you are a fan of Lycan horror books, and are looking for a werewolf mystery and suspense book which is going to keep you guessing right till the end, you are not going to be disappointed!

Fenris had been on the verge of leaving Columbus until by chance he had caught the scent of the shifters.Undecided as to whether he should kill them or ignore them, he settled on the idea that he would wait to see what they were doing there before making his move.

On finding out that the shifters were there for the girl, had left Fenris with a problem. He knew that the Faction had sent the shapeshifters to abduct the girl. It wasn’t his business but his curiosity had been aroused, why did they want her? Who or what was she? She certainly wasn’t a shapeshifter.

The Faction had been hunting, recruting and killing people with special abilities for centuries. Fenris had been cautious and ruthless in his steps to prevent the Faction from discovering his existance. He was no ordinary Lycan, and if they were to discover there was a werewolf such as Fenris walking the world, all their attention would turn to him. Would he put himself at risk or walk away?