Author: Mahria Thompson
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Do you desire a world you rule instead of one that rules you?
Do you desire a world where you are powerful instead of helpless?
Do you desire a world in which you have no enemies and cannot sin?
And do you want to see what you denied because it is the truth?
A Course in Miracles, p. 463

As you transform your Consciousness, you Awaken to the Real World, of which you are ruler!
How can this be? It may sound crazy, but it’s really not! It is your destiny to rule your world!

“The Consciousness Code: 7 Keys to Awakening” opens your eyes to see the Real World, and reveals yourself as the main character. It’s true! You will experience your own power and learn how to easily create the world you choose, where there are no enemies, and no sin. Yes, now, in this life-time, you can experience that! I promise you that as you read this book, and follow the suggestions, your Consciousness and Life Experience will be forever transformed for the better!

What is God? Where is God? Why seek God?

God is the Essence of Life in each of us. We are made in the Image of God! What does that mean? It means we each have potential to be like God in our world!

If God’s Image is Spiritual Essence with Consciousness and Power to Create, then that is our potential. Since God is Magnificent and High above all, that is also our potential awaiting our Awakening.

Your Magnificent Greatness is knocking at the door of your heart, awaiting your Awakening!