Title: Quantum Entanglement Theory- A Handbook For The ‘Gateway’
Author: Kira Diane Lester
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The ‘Gateway Systems’ are Intergalactic, Interdimensional systems that open the gates of consciousness from within the Light of our own Being.

These systems are designed primarily to establish the ‘Crystalline Light Matrix’, upgrading to the ‘Diamond Light Matrix’, then to the ‘Solar Light Matrix’, of each individual.

The systems are simple multidimensional healing and transformational systems, that are being given to us to help us to climb the Evolutionary ladder. Use of the ‘Gateway Systems’ will enable us to download more of our multidimensional nature into Consciousness. They empower us to transmit high frequency multidimensional energy to others, operating outside of the laws of Time and Space.

The Gateway Energy isn’t new. It was used during the GOLDEN AGE OF ATLANTIS. It contains the DNA REVERSE PROGRAM, that will fully restore our DNA to it’s 12 strand matrix and beyond, undoing the genetic alterations which were performed upon us by the Anunnaki, to place limits upon our consciousness and expression.

Edgar Cayce, Harry Edwards, and Alice Bailey all knew about the ‘Gateway Systems’. Alas they haven’t been available again until NOW, since the Earth’s energy matrix could not fully support this frequency. This energy is the basis of all systems, and is woven into the Etheric Fabric of All Universes.

The Gates of Consciousness have now opened, and All levels of Consciousness, from Human to Lightbeing, are now being made available to us.

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