Title: How to Treat Life-Threatening Conditions Preppers Get
Author: Ryan Chamberlin
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Do you know which medical supplies you’re really going to need? Have you collected items on the suggested lists, but still wonder if they’re the right ones? Crafting the perfect kit can be challenging, but being the clever prepper you are, you know there must be a way of focusing on what’s essential.

Turns out there is – and we’ve found it!

We’ve conducted interviews and unearthed archived medical records of our allies across the pond. Documents detailing health histories of those caught in the Battle of Britain. We call these brave souls “The Original Preppers of WWII.” And we’d like to share with you what we’ve learned. By studying their problems, we can better predict and prepare for our own.

Our findings were often surprising. The health conditions we predicted, and the ones that actually plagued them, were often quite different. We’d like to show you what we’ve learned from history. We’d like to tell you exactly what you are going to need and why!