Title: Cranston Baxter and the Red Button Set
Author: A E Coates
Price: FREE
Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 stars(6)

In 1920’s London a set of politically motivated French criminals are discovered interfering at The Conference of London. After a jazz club is destroyed in a fire Jack James, the resident jazz pianist, works together with Cranston Baxter, the world’s first Professional Gentleman, to find out what the Red Button Set are planning.

Set in post-war Europe, Jack and Cranston travel from London to Paris and San Remo, Italy, in their search for answers.


Suddenly I hit upon a face I had been told never to forget.

“Sitting quietly in one of the booths opposite, was the man that I had met by the bandstand those many years ago.

I wondered why I hadn’t spotted him at once, and then I realised that he had blown out the candles on his table and had half-drawn the curtain across his booth.

I had not seen him since that day before the Miracle at Marne but one had heard that he had had some part in the success. It was said that with his help six thousand extra soldiers were taken from the city to the action in Parisian taxis, to support the cause.

But as soon as his name had been well-known, it had been forgotten. No more reports
carried his name and no newspapers followed up the story. Cranston Baxter had since disappeared into anonymity.

I decided to button up the j. and go over, while the opportunity lasted.”