Title: The Angel’s Covenant (The Covenant series)
Author: Lynn Landes
Price: £0.99
Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 stars(2)

Malach was there the day one of his brothers chose to fall. When his brother betrayed their Maker, he betrayed them all. He never understood why an angel would choose to fall from heaven, until he looked into the blue eyes of the human he was to protect.

Elina will never forget the dark angel who came to her village and killed her family. She holds his image close to her heart, waiting for her chance to avenge those she loved. She does not know why she was chosen to save humanity, only that she is in a race against time itself. The Fallen will stop at nothing to get to her. Malach is her guardian angel chosen to protect and train her. She should not have feelings for him; she fights it every day. In the quiet moments they hear the whispered question “Are you Shadow or Light?” It is the question they struggle with. Each stolen glance and soft touch brings them closer to breaking the Angel’s Covenant.

Malach is an archangel chosen as the Guardian of Hope. His promise was to protect and guide her until she is ready to reunite her people. Trouble is brewing amongst the angels. Some feel that humanity is the problem, but Malach knows the truth. Humanity is the key to peace. Elina is the only hope they have against the dark angel, for he is building an army bent on ruling Heaven and Earth.

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