Title: Young Again, How I Reversed the Aging Process, Restored My Health, and Lost 40 Pounds
Author: Kerry Pharr
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How to Lose Weight and Look Great At Any Age

Lose Weight, Prevent Disease & Eat Healthy
Lose 4 Inches Off Your Belly
Discover How To Restore Your Health With An Alkaline Diet
Many people consume a diet of highly processed, sugary foods that acidify the body. This is referred to as acidosis. Consequently, they have health problems ranging from minor skin irritations, chronic fatigue, back pain, high blood pressure, obesity, and depression to arthritis, ulcers, and osteoporosis. To enjoy optimum health, your body needs more alkaline food and less acidic substances.
Over 20 Healthy & Delicious Recipes
Whether your mission is weight loss, finding a host of new plant-based healthy meals, health through raw food, or satisfying your taste buds with nourishing snacks, you’ll discover over 20 recipes including delicious green smoothies in the recipe section of the book.
Alternative Healing Resources
Are you are looking for a healthy diet plan that is biblically based and proven by science? The diet plan inside Young Again is that. Using a proven approach to health, this earth shattering book leads you on a journey that can change your life, restore your health and help you attain your ideal weight.
When I started this program all of my health issues disappeared in a matter of weeks without medications. My blood pressure dropped from 183/100 to 116/66 while my weight, which had ballooned to 227 at one point, dropped from 217 to 175.
Approaching 60, Kerry Pharr, who considered himself a picture of health in the prime of his life and a former professional boxing trainer involved in health, fitness, and sports for most of his life, viewed himself as “old, fat and sick.”
Afraid he was about to die and not liking what he was seeing in the mirror. Pharr began to eat an alkaline diet that he combined with a pro boxer’s conditioning program he used in training his fighters for championship fights.

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