Title: Why Your Marketing isn’t Working and what you can do about it
Author: Fraser J. Hay
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Marketing for small business is easier than you “think”…

If you’re not generating the results you want with your marketing then you need to identify why your marketing isn’t working. You need to identify what’s holding you back and preventing you from generating the fans, friends, followers, leads, enquiries, appointments, sales, contracts and referrals that you want or need.

There are very specific reasons why:

• You’re not generating the leads you want
• You’re not converting leads into sales
• Customers are not spending as much as you’d like
• Clients are not returning as often as you’d want

..and these reasons, can be identified, isolated, and eliminated to allow you to experience instant, permanent, powerful progress and results with your marketing online and offline.

Identify the root cause of your lack of progress and lack of results

“Why Your Marketing isnt Working and what you can do about it” helps the reader to quickly identify what IS holding them back and what they need to do to address the issues, challenges and obstacles that are holding them back and preventing them from achieving the results they want.

Written by Fraser Hay, founder of www.growyourbusinessclub.co.uk, this short, succinct practical guide will help you to identify and break down the resistance that’s costing you thousands in lost sales and opportunity cost.
You need to stop dealing with the symptoms of poor negative or selfish marketing and start identifying the root cause of your lack progress and lack of results.

Common Sense, But Not Common Practice!

It’s not rocket science. Even when people what’s holding them back, many simply don’t execute or implement powerful, practical proven techniques and concepts that are very, very effective. Even when they know what to do, they simply don’t put it all into practice.

This book helps you to avoid making the same mistakes as many of your competitors, and start generating progress and real results with your marketing. and you can prove to yourself it works by following the simple guidelines, and evaluating your performance every single week.