Title: When The River Still Ran: Riding the Lost Star with Raincrow and Zoraida
Author: Jack Chantegril
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

Sometimes life is not big enough. Sometimes sharing a classroom with the problems, needs, smells and eccentricities of thirty children for eight hours a day can’t compare with your dreams. Dreams of sharing a campfire with Jack London, riding a freight train with Woody Guthrie, walking a dusty road with John Steinbeck, singing the blues with Blind Willie Johnson.
When The River Still Ran follows the fortunes of Joe Abshire, a teacher who, in an attempt to live a life closer to that of his heroes, takes to the rails of Cornwall and the Tamar Delta as a free living, freight hopping hobo. On his travels, as well as discovering that old lives cannot so easily be left behind, Joe learns the tale of Raincrow and Zoraida, two elderly tramps who met and fell in love many years ago, but who now live separate, lonely lives. Convinced that they deserve better from time and fate, Joe does what he can to rewrite their story.
A witty, warm hearted and moving journey from the realities of every day life to the dreams, ghosts and moonstreaked rails of the Cornish night. And back again.