Title: When Shadows Fall: Part I (The Man From The Yard Book 2)
Author: Marios Savva
Price: £0.99
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

A series of mystifying murders have taken place in New York. The U.S. law enforcers cannot find the cause of death of the victims, and the mysterious circumstances in which they died has left the captain of New York’s 51st Precinct completely at a loss. The list of victims of the “New York Killings”, as they have come to be known, continues to grow and the murders are now closely followed by the national and worldwide media. With no end to the murders in sight, the situation has now become desperate.
Scotland Yard detective Jake Blakewood is called in to investigate. Along with his Irish colleague and friend, Bodie Fitzpatrick, Jake arrives in the States to try and make sense of the unexplained killings. Jake soon discovers that a dark and sinister evil lies behind the murders. The two Scotland Yard detectives are plunged into a world of darkness and mortal danger as they do battle with the perpetrators who lie in the shadows. The British detectives will fight valiantly to shine the light on this evil, but both will pay a heavy price…