Title: The Wall Street Murder Club
Author: J.G. Sandom
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

“Joined by Friendship. Separated by Murder!”

A bachelor party attended by five young men, lifelong friends, turns from harmless fun to horror with the death of a beautiful young stripper. Now, filled with terror and guilt, the members of “The Hunting Club” are hunting each other. By the author of The God Machine, Gospel Truths and The Wave.

Scott Turow, author of Presumed Innocent and Ordinary Heroes, called The Wall Street Murder Club, “A gripping story, well-told . . . not only a tale of murder and betrayal, but an intelligent exploration of issues of male identity.” Kirkus Reviews termed the book, “A Big Apple Deliverance, endowing New York culture with all the corrosively dehumanizing power of Dickey’s wild nature . . . Slickly entertaining right down to the last, inevitable twist. (Film rights to Warner Brothers—and there’s no mystery why.)” And Booklist said, “(Sandom) writes with stunning elegance and nearly poetic beauty . . . A sure hit with any suspense reader.”

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