Title: UNRAVELLED: Episode 1: The Cultivation of Mangoes (and other beautiful creatures)
Author: M K SUTAR
Price: FREE till Sept 12,2014
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

Hari Kumar survives a car accident in a forest in rural Ireland, where he encounters an apparition. He emerges days later to believe that he is somebody else. He remembers Hari Kumar, yet he knows he is no longer Hari Kumar. An oak tree, barren of fruit for many years, miraculously bears a single mango in his presence and as everything becomes clear to him, his damaged car begins to relate to him.

In an unnamed city in England, a retired detective, Milo Haines, agrees to help find Stanley Culler, the missing survivor of a brutal home attack, which left him a widower with a murdered wife and daughter. Whilst his attackers commit suicide in jail and their families go missing, Milo immerses himself in the disappearances to discover the connection between Stanley Culler and the missing families, whilst battling his own demons that forced him into early retirement.

M K Sutar’s debut episode in the Unravelled series follows the evolution of Hari Kumar and Stanley Culler. Two men, irrevocably altered by extraordinary circumstances, whose metamorphosis unlocks a universal principle that will reveal the true nature of reality and those who would seek to influence it.