Title: Triumphing Over Cancer
Author: Dr. Judith Rolfs
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

If you’re a cancer patient or a caregiver you’ll want this book. Don’t go through the cancer experience without the helpful material in Triumphing Over Cancer. Patients have said it made an amazing difference in the way they dealt with cancer!

Does any other six letter word strike such fear? Patients and caregivers may think they’re strong and feeling total control of life, but when that moment comes the world seems to shatter at the diagnosis.

Dr. Judith Rolfs knows. “Triumphing Over Cancer” she says, “was written in response to the real needs I observed during the more than one hundred days and evenings I spent on cancer wards during my eighteen-year-old son’s battle with this iillness. Time and again, I saw newly diagnosed cancer patients crumble under the news as if it were more death sentence than diagnosis. They lacked faith in God and the emotional, intellectual, and spiritual tools necessary to triumph.”

Triumphing Over Cancer is a book of practical pointers and positive suggestions. It’s designed to help patients make decisions for treatment, take control of their attitudes, maximize support from caregivers, and most important of all, understand where God is in all this! How does a Christian cope? Where does the line get drawn between resignation to God’s will and fighting for life? What practical helps does Scripture offer for dealing with a life-threatening illness?

This book blends the practical and the spiritual. For example, detailed methods for bringing humor and laughter into the hospital room are included with material designed to deepen your faith.

Triumphing Over Cancer provides encouragement for patients and their caregivers who desire to go through the difficulty of diagnosis and treatment with dignity and faith. It’s recommended as a beside companion for cancer patients. Readers have found inspiration and healing in these pages!

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