Title: To Whom the Darkness Comes
Author: Gus Ross
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Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars(8)
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The thick, heavy curtains lay still drawn and he yanked the nearest one back on its rail. He looked out at the day. The light was strange, not quite right somehow; it felt like morning, but perhaps he was mistaken. The clouds had a strange blackness to their edges and the horizon itself seemed darker than normal; as if a storm had just passed, or perhaps was on its way. At that precise moment a single white dove flew across the open sky.
It made no sound, not even a beat of its wings….There is something coming but it is far worse than any storm.One man’s struggle to achieve his desires will inadvertently create a void in another man’s soul.
A void that has to be filled.
And what fills it will spark a chain of catastrophic events.
The seeds of deceit will set a ball in motion that will tip the scales of balance, and once it is on its way there will be no way to stop it.
Soon the characters drawn into the dark web that follows will find themselves battling for their very existence.A spectacular tale of friendship, trust, love and betrayal that will entertain and chill with equal measure.