Title: Theophilus Grim and the Stones of Agony (The Trying Tales of Chumbles & Grim)
Author: Dannal J. Newman
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Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Theophilus Grim and the Stones of Agony

Professor Grim believes the Total Tonic has the power to cure all disease in the world as we know it. After personally testing the Tonic by ingesting the large tablet himself, Grim, at first, feels youthful and refreshed. But after awhile, the side effects of the powerful concoction catch up with Grim and he pays for it in the form of sharp kidney stones that have the power to do far more than simply inflict great pain on the professor. Chumbles and Grim then find themselves in a race to save Queen Victoria from a dangerous fate.
The Trying Tales of Chumbles & Grim
Professor Theophilus Grim is a clever scientist and inventor who dreams of making the world a better place through his many inventions and various concoctions. The trouble is, every invention he makes has a way of blowing him up, catching him on fire or causing him a great deal of pain.
F. Walter Chumbles, Grim’s best friend, is a disgraced former surgeon with a bone saw, a surgeon’s bag and a penchant for Scotch whiskey and declaring Grim dead.
Together, the two engage in a series of delightful adventures sure to brighten your day.
Set in late Victorian London, The Trying Tales of Chumbles & Grim is a series of surprising novelettes loaded with suspense, clever contraptions, a touch of mystery, a dose of mad science, and plenty of adventure.
Dannal J. Newman offers up tasty tidbits of adventuresome fiction sure to delight the senses and satisfy the imagination. Great for ages nine through adult.

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