Title: The William S Club
Author: Riley Banks
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0(4)

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Seven years ago, Charlotte Burke changed her name and fled Australia, swearing never to return. Now in London, working as a journalist for The Daily Telegraph, Charlotte has put her old life behind her; a life scarred by memories of her mother’s suicide and her father’s criminal past. Charlotte’s past crashes into her present when she is invited on a Harvey Incorporated press trip.

Damon Harvey has not spoken to his grandfather in years. When his grandfather contacts him out of the blue to head up a press trip for a group of handpicked journalists, Damon is automatically suspicious. The William S Club – the derogative term given to the secretive clique his grandfather created – never does anything without ulterior motives. Charlotte’s instant hatred of him, brought on by the mention of his family name, increases Damon’s sense of unease and makes him determined to find out what his family are up to.

In Sydney, Paul Baker has been released from prison with one aim in mind – to rebuild a relationship with his estranged daughter. When Paul speaks with his daughter’s boss, he discovers she is a guest of William Harvey, a man with a secret he has already killed to protect. But Paul’s attempts to find his daughter are hampered when he becomes the prime suspect in a new murder.

Despite her initial reaction to Damon Harvey, Charlotte soon finds herself falling for the handsome heir but when her friends start dying, she wonders if she was too quick to trust. Has she been sleeping with the enemy or is Damon just another victim in his family’s vicious game?

The arrival of Damon’s charming twin brother ups the ante. Will Charlotte survive or will she become the latest victim of The William S Club?