Title: The Seven Keys Formula: Discover The Strategies Successful Businesses Use To Achieve Growth (That You Probably Aren’t)
Author: Russell Streeter
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This book is written for entrepreneurs and business owners who have achieved a certain amount of success so far, but need help taking their businesses to the next level. It’s for you if:

• You need new ideas and strategies for developing sales, improving profit margins and growing your business.
• You are overwhelmed with the task of running the business that you have poured your heart and soul into.
• You want to grow your business and prepare for sale in 3 to 5 years time.
• You recognise that you’ve taken your business as far as possible on your own, and now need some outside input.

Whether you are working toward an exit, or are in it for the long-term, you’ve probably already discovered that there’s more to growing a successful business than a great idea and a passion to succeed!

You need to develop a system that delivers excellent customer service, and reliable profits, month after month after month.

Prior to writing this book, I surveyed a number of business owners to find out what challenges they were facing. Unsurprisingly, the single biggest challenge noted was attracting new customers.

Yet only 40% of respondents chose this option. On the other hand, 20% chose “Managing business growth” and 23% selected “Maintaining business growth” as their biggest challenges.

These results point to the need for a business development programme that encompasses more than just customer acquisition (marketing) but also provides assistance in other areas, such as encouraging repeat business, improving client retention and business systemisation.

The Seven Keys Formula is based on the principle that if you implement business growth strategies in several different areas, the results will be greater than the sum of the parts.