Title: The Ramblings and Rants of a Middle-Aged Mum
Author: Molly May
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Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 stars(101)

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I love my family, but blooming heck they don’t half drive me crazy at times, and as for some other people…don’t even get me started on them.This humorous diary will take you through some moments in time of my rather scatty life, including rants about my family and ramblings of everyday life.

I make no apologies for my opinions, and am pretty sure that most people will know where I’m coming from, so make a cuppa, grab a biscuit or two and kick back with a book that I hope will make you laugh.

“Excellent couldnt put the book down laughed my socks off would recommend it to anyone who feels in need of a good laugh totally see where the author is coming from” Jacqueline A Blake

“This book is more a diary than a story book and that, strangely, is addictive. So if like me you have always wanted to read what others write in their diaries, well this is your chance. If you are into reality TV, Big Brother etc, this is sort of a book version of reality show, because reading through the book, you will begin to realise how true to form the rants are to what you may have experienced yourself in life.” Ian

“Excellent, should be made into a ‘bridget jones’ type movie. This could have been me writing about my kids, so very real and very funny” Annie2206

My new book – The Ramblings and Rants of a Middle Aged Mum – Part 2 – is out now. Hope that you all enjoy it.