Title: The Presentation Doctor: How to Identify and Eliminate the 7 Most Common Ailments that Affect Presentations
Author: Jason Kabera
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What is the value of a good presentation?

The answer to this question depends on what you do on a day-to-day basis. For some people, a good presentation means a bigger salary. For others it means promotion and influence. Still for others it means better funding for charitable work. And it may be that the life or the freedom of a person depends on how that person, personally or through the effort of another (for or against), makes a presentation.

If a presentation can mean so much to different people, then it is necessary to have the skills to make presentations well. However this is not the case.

The number of presentations being made everyday is staggering! Microsoft estimates that its presentation software “Microsoft Powerpoint” spews out more than 30 million presentation a day.

Not all these presentations are great. In my conversations with people, most presentations are found to be boring and time wasting. Others, though informative are so badly designed that they become an eyesore to the viewers. And some, which are brilliantly designed, are presented in a poor way, thus taking away the benefits of the content and structure of such presentations.

I speak from both sides of the divide. I make many presentations each year. I sit through many more presentation. My motivation for this book comes from harrowing experiences I have gone through as I see people with great messages lose them through bad presentations.