Title: The Patient’s Guide to Pain Management: What You Need to Know to Navigate Through the Stigma to Get the Care that You Need
Author: Harvey Jenkins MD PhD
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Why be a victim when you don’t have to be? Understanding how to navigate the complex maze of pain-management care is difficult for people who suffer from pain, particularly in the unfriendly, sometimes hostile and increasingly repressive and stigmatized environment surrounding pain management today. It further victimizes people who are already victims of their pain. This guide for patients with pain simplifies this process, allowing you to get the access you need to the right medical professionals, to know what to expect from them and to help you avoid and overcome the common pitfalls that can sabotage your care. It is written in a ‘non-clinical’ language that anyone can understand. Everyone with pain, the people who love them and the providers who care for them, should read this book so that they will not remain a victim of their pain.