Title: The Numbers’ Day at the Park: It’s fun to learn your numbers in English and Spanish. (A-Z Spanish Missy Bilingual Series Book 3) by
Author: Spanish Missy
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Make story-time, bilingual!
Don’t just read them a story, teach them another language too!

Join number One and number Two as they have a fun day at the park with all of their number friends!

The Number’s Day at the Park is a fun, simple and natural way to teach children their numbers in both English and Spanish at the same time! This eBook includes interactive questions so as to encourage your children to express themselves in both English and Spanish, which is an essential part in raising bilingual children!

Language learning should feel natural!

Do you remember learning to talk when you were a little kid? Did it feel painful or forced? Of course not! It was as natural as learning your colors. Spanish Missy is a fun eBook series designed to teach your kids language the natural way. Let Spanish Missy help you teach your kids their colors, days of the weeks, numbers and more not just in English, but in Spanish at the same time. It’s as easy as one/uno, two/dos, three/tres!
What if all of our children grew up bilingual?