Title: The Lost Forest: The Sorcerer’s Oath Book 3
Author: Jennifer Ealey
Price: £0.99
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

Lost Forest Blurb

One mystical forest is unlikely enough. Two would beggar belief.
The Lost Forest is a fantasy novel of 516 pages, written in an easy flowing style that will suit readers from a minimum of 12 years up to old age.
Caught in a wild snow storm, Prince Tarkyn and his companions lose their bearings and stumble into the Lost Forest; a place of both woodfolk and sorcerer legend where people must face their innermost fears to find their way out. Hundreds of sorcerers and woodfolk have been trapped within its boundaries for years, some of them for centuries.
But by whose authority are these people being held? Tarkyn challenges the premise and power of the Lost Forest. But with change comes turmoil, and a rift opens between Tarkyn and his woodfolk, seriously threatening his friendship with his bloodbrother, Waterstone and damaging his carefully nurtured relationship with all his woodfolk.
Tarkyn’s liegeman, Danton, has his view of the world assailed firstly by a mysterious wizardess and then by sorcerer attack. In the aftermath, both he and those around him, including Tarkyn, must come to terms with changes that have been wrought in him.
Within the Lost Forest, the Forest Guardians of the past warn Tarkyn that unless he can stop his brothers, the woodlands will ring with the clash of blades and the screams of dying men. And still Tarkyn is being hunted by his brothers, even as Prince Jarand is gathering arms in preparation for civil war against the king. So how can Tarkyn, the prey, drag his brothers out of their destructive rivalry?