Title: The House on Hydrogen Hill
Author: Peter Truckel
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Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars(21)
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A simple delivery job for brothers Louis and Nathan Apostle, leads them into a bizarre adventure. After collecting an unusual piece of stolen scientific equipment from a derelict warehouse in Detroit the brothers are told to deliver it to the town of Planck’s Island. The town isn’t on any maps, and can only be found by following a set of strange, handwritten instructions, which predict their every move and seem to reveal a comprehensive knowledge of future events. After surviving an arson attack by a pair of over zealous Mossad agents the Apostle brothers team up with a giantess called Little Inge and her friend – the ghost of Robert Oppenheimer. Pursued by various intelligence agencies and a psychopathic dwarf called Erwin, they travel to Planck’s Island – and The House on Hydrogen Hill…..