Title: The Gaming Dream
Author: Francesco Fraulo
Price: FREE till 25 April 2014
Rating: 3.8 out of 5.0 stars(11)

This new edition has been edited and expanded for 2014. Ever wondered what working with video games is like?

How does a game get made?
What can go wrong?
What does a producer actually do?

Part memoir, part guide, the Gaming Dream is an eye opening, true account of what it was like to work in the UK gaming industry back when the PS2 was king.
Francesco Fraulo loves playing games and really wants to get a job making them. He gets his chance when a bit of luck helps him get employed at a large gaming company. Things do not go to plan however and he learns that the gaming industry isn’t the land of honey he thought it would be and he begins to wonder if it was all worth it.
Follow Frank as he experiences the launch of a new console launch and the creation of award winning games while trying to test his way up the game industry ladder.
His stories are full of funny behind the scenes anecdotes of what life working in gaming is really like. It gives a great insight into the companies, processes and people involved in making video games and is a must read for anyone thinking of joining the games industry.

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