Title: The Downing Street Plot: An Agent’s Revenge Kindle Edition by Toby Oliver
Author: Julia Roberts
Price: £0.99
Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 stars(24)

Spencer Hall, head of the British MI5 Security Service, knows it’s no ordinary day when top CIA field agent Jack Stein lurks near his car. He’s right, and when he learns of the looming internal threat, he knows it won’t be business as usual.
Hall must bypass usual communication routes and put increased trust in Jack when he learns of an assassination plot against the British Prime Minister. The plot’s KGB-hatched, but the assassin’s possibly homegrown–meaning Hall doesn’t know just how close the assassin is to the target.
Hall works close with Stein to put together a top-notch team to crack the mystery and stop the plot in time. After all, they can’t have a professional killer running loose on the streets of London. They reenlist old friends such as Virginia Dudley, who’s done intelligence work for both nations, and work fast. Failure would likely mean the end of their careers. Worse, if they get too close, it could be the end of their lives.

Author Toby Oliver captures the political intrigue of the Cold War to craft spy thriller The Downing Street Plot, a page-turning treat–from its opening intrigue to its dramatic conclusion.