Title: The Day the Dollar Died
Author: Robert Baynes
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US Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(20)

John is an ordinary farmer in the Midwest. He has the same goals and dreams as many other hard working Americans. He loves his family and enjoys what he does to make a living. He imagines that things will be about the same for his future as they have been for his father and grandfather. He believes that he lives in the freest and greatest country on earth.

However, things are about to change drastically in his life and in the country he has grown up in. He is told by a neighbor about the changes that are coming, but he dismisses the warning and doesn’t believe that this could happen in this country. Just like a Tsunami that travels across the ocean, almost no one sees the danger coming. When it begins to rise up as it nears shore, it threatens to destroy everything in its path.

John and his family face things they never imagined would happen to them in this fast-paced novel. You will learn to sympathize with him and those around him, as forces beyond their control shape their lives.

You will also get a behind the scenes peek at those who promote these changes and what their motivation is. There are always two sides to every change. Walk with John as he makes some very tough decisions to protect his family and his families future. Some of these decisions can have very severe consequences.