Title: The Concise Guide To Effective Studying
Author: Teo Pilapil
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Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars(28)

Success in education depends on your determination to learn. Effective studying requires dedication, commitment, and motivation.
The Concise Guide to Effective Studying provides the secrets and proven methods you’ve been waiting for to help make your academic life easier. Filled with practical advice and helpful tips, this book provides concise guidelines and techniques to help you become a more effective, efficient, and successful learner.
For students, parents, and educators alike, author Teo Pilapil pulls from common sense and experience to cover virtually every aspect of getting the most out of studying. Chapters on setting and achieving goals, study practices, positive thinking, and building good habits will help you become more organized as you take the steps you need to invest in your limitless future.
Achieving your educational objectives takes hard work and perseverance. It rests squarely on your shoulders and your willingness to persevere through the challenges. This book shows you how you can become a more productive student, one who finds valuable lessons in nearly every experience life might throw your way.
Just take the first step, and the next one will be that much easier!