Title: The Best Chocolate-Balls Ever- Children’s Book with Recipe: How to build a parent-child relations (When We Cook Together 1)
Author: Ally Nathaniel
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Did you know that you can actually connect while cooking together?
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Teach your child basic math skills while having parent-child quality time together.

Jacob loves to cook, but what he likes even more is to spend time with his mom.

This book is all about the parent-child connection and building a relationship with your child. The recipe in this book is the base for the fun story that will give you, the parent, ideas on how to support and empower your child while cooking together.

The easy step-by-step recipe is designed with images, rather than just words, so very young children can use it, even if they can’t read yet.

You will also find “ParenTips” on how to create a supportive and child-empowering atmosphere in your own home and use it to teach your child basic math skills.