Title: The Audacity of Hate:Thoughts and words from hating Americans (re-election, impeachment, politics, Barack Obama, government)
Author: Suparna Sil & Kyle Stokes
Price: FREE till July 9,2013
Rating: – out of 5.0 stars

The Audacity Of Hate is a collection and analysis of the false rumors and hatred that had been going on against Barack Obama during his Presidential campaign and first term in office as the commander in chief. The Audacity Of Hate sheds light on the resistance he had to face at different platforms and levels to get America out of the dark hole of recession and bring into a new era of hope. The Audacity Of Hate also tributes Barack Obama’s determination and will-power to successfully overcome all these circumstances and win reelection in a landslide, only to silencing all his critics who had considered him over. The Audacity Of Hate also serves a broader purpose by actually portraying how politics can go from bad to worse and the negative feelings and emotions can go in an uncontrolled manner.

The target audiences for the book are all people who are interested in knowing the truth behind these false propaganda and how Obama overcame all this to become the President of the United States once again.


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