Title: The Arkaelyon Chronicles Vol 1; (Book 1 & 2); Druid's Bane & Maig's Hand
Author: Phillip Henderson (Acclaimed Books)
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4)
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The Arkaelyon Chronicles Vol 1.
(Contains both Druid’s Bane & Maig’s Hand)

Druid’s Bane (Book 1) (13 reviews 4.6 /5)

The Illandian Spring Tournament is about to reach its crescendo, and with the king’s only daughter, Danielle de Brie, and her twin brother, Kane, preparing to face each other in the tourney ring for the deciding match the citizens and nobles of Arkaelyon’s capital city are in a fever of excited speculation.

Determined to free herself from the fear her…