SUBCONSCIOUS by Matthew Scott Title: Subconscious
Author: Matthew Scott
Price: £3.08
Genre: Books > Crime, Thrillers & Mystery > Mystery

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Milligan, Kansas. An ordinary, middle-American town. Or is it?Twenty years ago Milligan was the site of a string of suspicious murders. The victims were all killed by those they loved and trusted—husbands, brothers, wives. Even stranger, the murderers had no idea why they committed such horrific acts.When graduate students Mark and Courtney are sent to Milligan to conduct agricultural research they had no idea of the town’s bloody past. They soon realize Milligan is completely cut off from the outside world. As one bizarre murder follows another, they dig into the history of the town to discover why the mayor and council filter all information in and out of town and why Genevieve McAllister, murdered years before, still has so much power over the people of Milligan, Kansas.