Title: Story Crisis, Story Climax 1
Author: Stephen J. Carter
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Story Crisis, Story Climax 1: How to Give Your Fiction or Screenplay Forward Momentum + Story Rhythm Through Character Decisions and Plot Reversals
is a thorough, detailed, and informative exploration of story. It’s also just plain fun!

Re-live one popular movie story after another!
You’ll see how screenwriter or novelist knits together an inciting incident, turning points, and the closing crisis decision and climax. Each time this dance of story elements is revealed it becomes clearer how raw events get arranged into a story.

Why spend years learning by trial and error?
Accelerate your learning curve by watching these key elements at work in a range of stories. As a back-end story developer you’ll see the elements in relationship to each other, the story itself, and others of its genre. Crack the storytelling code.