Title: Steampunk Darcy: A Post-Apocalyptic Tale (Seraphene’s Chronicles Book 1)
Author: Monica Fairview
Price: FREE till Sept 05,2014
Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars(1)

When Seraphene Grant is offered a job by Cambridgetown “boss” William Darcy, she is both intrigued and suspicious. Seraphene is trying to stay on the right side of legal, and she can’t think of a single legitimate reason he would want to hire her. She’s determined to put her checkered past behind her and she won’t compromise that for an arrogant Upstreamer.

But Darcy is not interested in Seraphene as a sky-ship navigator. He has something far more dangerous in mind, and he’s determined to have her. Her unique training means she’s the best person for the job. But there’s a problem. The only way he can gain her trust is to lie about what he is doing.

Of course, Seraphene smells a rat. All her instincts tell her to run. But in a post-apocalyptic world where well-paid jobs are scarce and charming, attractive and wealthy gentlemen are even scarcer, how can she resist?

Perhaps she should have, because being around William Darcy soon becomes more and more dangerous –– in more ways than one.

Science Fiction meets Pride & Prejudice in this one-of-a-kind romantic comedy.