Title:The Spike collection: Ten random short stories
Author: Martin Skate
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(11)

The Spike Collection, ten short stories randomly thrown together to take you on a ride of emotions, thought provocation, and charm. Each story focuses on the key characters’ thoughts, challenges, and how they are richer for their experiences. The stories cover tales from suburbia, life changing moments, superstardom, and what to do if you do not fancy door-to-door selling for the day.
If you enjoy short stories that take you through a rollercoaster ride of emotions then this is for you. Ten thought provoking and random short stories that truly entertain.
The Spike: Sam is flying through life getting fired at every job he gets, until one day he finally realises where his major talents lie. This is Sam’s journey up until he reaches his realisation that defines his whole life.
The Siren: All the boys turned to jelly when they were around Tina, so what happened when Brad was the only one to get close to the Siren?
Rocco: It is tough being galaxy-wide famous, follow Rocco on his life of fame, adulation, and on meeting the love of his life, Eve.

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