Title: Soul Journaling – Lessons from the Past
Author: Karen Valiquette
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Karen’s life was changing and she seemed helpless to stop it. Her husband of almost 30 years, her soul-mate, was responding to the manipulations of a younger woman. She was afraid that if she made him make a choice, she might not win. But that was not the case. Their love prevailed and the very event that should have surely shaken their marriage ended up giving them an incredible gift.

The answers they sought to heal themselves came from an unlikely place – a past life that they were
together in.

Karen shares her journey to a life in the 1500s in France that seems to hold the answers to so many questions. Questions they didn’t even know to ask.

The story of the past life itself is riveting, but it’s only part of the message. After reading, you will surely begin to look at your own life in a different way. Remember, we are all connected.