Title: Slow Cooker Recipe Book: Dieter’s Paradise: 71 Heavenly Slow Cooker Recipes from All Around the World, All Under 500 Calories
Author: Diana Clayton
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(6)

Good cookbooks are hard to find. Great cookbooks are a rare find. But rejoice because you’ve found the jewel in the cookery haystack with Diana Clayton’s Slow Cooker Recipe Book: 71 Heavenly & Mouthwatering Slow Cooker Recipes from All around the World, All under 500 Calories. This creative Slow Cooker Recipe Book is a culinary travelogue—visit Italy, India, Morocco, France, the Caribbean, Mexico, the Mediterranean, and more through its delicious food and never have to leave the comfort of your home. Who knew the perfect getaway was right in your own kitchen?

As if the 71 slow cooker recipes aren’t enough, the 500 calorie revelation is pure bliss! Who can turn down a great tasting dish that won’t put a pound on your hips and is effortlessly prepared in a slow cooker? The Slow Cooker Recipe Book: Dieter’s Paradise contains culinary masterpieces thoroughly tested by Diana herself, and developed to please all of your senses and make your mouth water. And, the excellence doesn’t stop there—each slow cooker recipe has the nutritional breakdown at the end of the page as well as a cooking tip for the culinary connoisseur. Reading this cookbook will turn food into your latest obsession…but aren’t you glad each dish is only 500 calories? Indulge, my friend, and Bon Appetit!