Title: Skin Cures From Your Kitchen Cabinet (Illustrated)
Author: Davina London
Price: FREE from June 19 – 21, 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(2)

The skin is an area which is always visible, and depending on what your ailment is, it can make the difference between confidently stepping outside the door, or not. But help is closer to hand than you may think. The contents of your kitchen or bathroom cabinet may surprise you, for they contain an array of natural products that can soothe anything from boils to conjunctivitis, to treating psoriasis and wrinkles.

This beautifully illustrated book includes tips and tricks handed down over generations, and cures from around the world that can be used wherever you are in the world. You will want to keep this on your kindle, and you will find yourself referring back to the fascinating information in this book again and again. (U.S. English Edition)

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