Title: Secrets of People With Extraordinary Willpower: a novel[Kindle Edition]
Author: Katie Morton
Price: FREE
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(2)

Kelly feels lost and desperate. At almost forty years old, she’s still struggling with her eating and drinking habits, and she’s tired of being fat. She finally decides to get help and she finds it in the form of Sandy, a health coach, and Earnest, a mysterious guru. As the plot unfolds in this humorous tale, Kelly slowly transforms and gains a measure of inner peace and happiness, but her involvement with Earnest threatens everything she’s gained.

Readers who were inspired by The Alchemist will love this story of personal transformation. This book is for everyone who has wished for a better life and a calmer, happier existence.

“I’m stunned by the depth of this novel. I love the fun, quirky comments that make me giggle, and Kelly is such a likeable, relatable mess. Readers will understand themselves a bit more for knowing her. But in Earnest and Sandy, there’s a wealth of information that the casual reader can really learn something from—not just about Kelly, but about the reader herself. I also love that the information comes from flawed human beings (Earnest! so flawed) who are still trying to do their best in their own lives. Yes, it is a fun and funny read, but there’s also some lovely substance in the practical, real, seriously helpful side of it, and Morton has woven them together beautifully. She tells this story in such a seamless way that it never feels like a lecture.” —Jill Amack, editor