Title: Rupee Millionaires
Author: Frank Kusy
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Rating: 4.7 out of 5.0 stars(57)

“Mr Kusy is clearly capable of writing vivid and enticing portraits of India – his past as a travel writer shines through, and we see India as if we are there first hand.” Harper Collins ‘Authonomy’ reviewer.

“A rip-roaring tale of dodgy dealings and hilarious happenings.” Mark Roman, author, The Ultimate Inferior Beings.

“Wonderfully encapsulates the vast, breathtaking country that is India. You feel you are there on the elephant’s back.” John Patrick, author, Dropping Babies.

When Frank teams up with Spud he thinks he’s got it made. But he hasn’t. He’’s made a deal with the Devil.

‘Dodgy’ Frank Kusy, born into poverty from immigrant parents, learns to live on his wits––first as an unwitting money collector for Ronnie Kray, later as a Buddhist trader in London’s St Martin’s-in-the-Fields market. Then he meets up with thuggish ‘Spud’ who is so good at scaring people, notably the Petrovs, two encroaching Russian gangsters, that he hires him on the spot as his business partner.

But it’s a deal with the Devil. Spud is a loose cannon, liable to blow up at any moment. The two travel to India to become the largest wholesaler of hippy-Hindi glad rags in the UK, and to fulfill their dream of becoming rupee millionaires.

Along the way, they pick up a motley crew of kooky characters––Ram, a lovable, crutch-bound Rajasthani, George, an irascible American, Nick and Anna, a quirky Canadian couple, Susie, a Dagenham girl gone ‘native’, and Rose, the secret love of Ram’s life. These become the ‘Pushkar Posse’, a group of oddball traveler-entrepreneurs who meet once a year to have fun and make money in equal measure.

Join Frank on this wild rite of passage through India.

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