Title: Reservoir Cats: True Stories and Cat’s Eye Views from Squirt
Author: Penel Ashworth
Price: FREE till Feb 04,2014
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(8)

Welcome to the world of Squirt, a quirky but lovable Somali cat. Squirt is many things – raconteur, warrior, loyal friend, teacher, criminal, idle layabout. He might describe himself as a fearless crusader who takes on evil and adversity and wins – every time. In short he is a host of conflicting personalities, all jostling for space inside one small body.

Reservoir Cats is Squirt’s own story of his life with tales of the people, cats and dogs he loves – and those he doesn’t! Diary extracts, profound philosophies, acute and hilarious observations of the world and some innovative if somewhat strange ideas. As an added bonus he is happy to give advice on a range of subjects regardless of whether we need or even want it.

“If you want to learn the ancient art of Feng Shui just ask a cat.”

Squirt introduces his friends and enemies and takes us along on his exploits and adventures. Join him and his alter ego The Shadow as he plots revenge on the mysterious Box Man, takes the world of commerce by storm, arranges a world class sporting event and discovers something quite offensive on his doorstep.

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