Title: Rescuing Religion from Republican Reason: How the Bible, History, and Reality Refute the Rhetoric of Greed
Author: K Scott Schaeffer
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Is the Republican Party the Christian Party? Or is it destroying Christianity?

In our modern age of hyper-partisan politics, most Bible-believing Christians despise the Democratic Party for legalizing abortion, gay marriage, and recreational drugs. Therefore, they crown the Democrats’ rivals – the Republicans – as the Christian Party and embrace Republican values as gospel.

Are they wise, however, in assuming that the enemies of God’s enemies are God’s friends?

Since the 1870s, the Republicans have been known as the party of the rich – the very class the Bible criticizes most. Now that most Christians have joined their ranks, Republicans bombard them with greed rhetoric that favors the interests of the wealthy above all else. The result: millions of wealth-obsessed Christians who have replaced biblical teachings with the false moralities of the Republican Party.

These Republican false moralities sound great. They promote pure capitalism, personal responsibility, liberty, small government, the idea that taxes are evil, and the American way as righteousness that’s one-in-the-same as Christianity. However, while some of these ideologies can indeed be used for good, they can also be tools of oppression. When Christians allow these Republican moralities to determine what’s right and wrong, they worship a man-made philosophy that’s not only oppressive, it’s anti-biblical. If these Republican moralities become Christian doctrine, biblical Christianity will die.