Title: REAL STORIES OF SPIRIT COMMUNICATION: When Loved Ones Return After Crossing Over
Author: Angela Hoy (BookLocker.com, Inc.)
Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (7)
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“Mom, Mom, I saw him! I saw Daddy, Mom!” (Chapter 23)

“You must get in touch with your father.” (Chapter 12)

“There stood Bruce, in the corner of the shower, staring at me.” (Chapter 16)

“There, blocking the front door, stood Dad, dressed in his gray slacks, cream-colored, button down, short-sleeved shirt looking like he did in the pictures from the 1950s, not the 90s, when he died.” (Chapter 26)

“Mommy, I see Jack!” (Chapter 31)

“I listened to him say how he…