Title: Raise the Child You’ve Got-Not the One You Want: Why everyone thrives when parents lead with acceptance
Author: Nancy Rose
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US Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars(15)

Are you fed up with child behavior problems?

Is your family life stressful and unpleasant? Are you exhausted from never-ending battles? Do you wish your child were more patient…or more outgoing…or less impulsive…or simply different from who she is?

There is a way out of your endless loop of frustration. Parent coach Nancy Rose paves the way with a remarkably effective approach: Leading with Acceptance, which draws upon real life parent/child relationships, current studies, and groundbreaking methods for understanding and accepting your child’s CoreSelf traits.

Leading with Acceptance will help you:

Discover what you can and cannot change about your child
Understand the power of acceptance in building a healthy parent/child connection, no matter how old your child is
Gain peace of mind as you raise your children to become their best, happiest selves.

Get the help you need with your defiant child, or parenting preschoolers, or understanding child behavior.

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