Title: The Problem of Getting Rich Quik … part one
Author: S M Mala
Price: FREE till Sept 20, 2013
Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

When you’re single and in need of hot love, both emotionally and physically, you think your options are limited.

It’s just one glimmer of hope that could turn it all around, even if it involves falling back into bed with the trickiest bastard of them all, Richard Hayden-Quik, a man with a reputation of being a stud muffin on Viagra.

It was only six years before Lily spotted Richard, a successful film director, her aim to get Rich Quik – seduced by his looks, charm and the size of his wallet. Even her best friend Dominic knows it won’t be easy especially as Richard’s super bitch PA, Rosana, will do anything to stop Lily getting to her boss.

But she knows he’s a tricky bastard with a chequered past, a long term lover and a best friend who hates her guts. The road to her one true love is littered with female bodies and she’s not sure if she’s a match for a man who thinks monogamy is a type of wood. And she is the last one to realise he has an ulterior motive for being with her.

Lily hopes she can get Richard though life’s sudden shocks, twist and turns have the greatest possibility of making her literally lose everything she loves… all due to the problem of getting Rich Quik.

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