Title :Personal Best : How Ordinary People Achieve Extraordinary Success and How You Can Too
Author : Barry Duddy
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Personal Best is the ultimate motivational book, with contributions from over two hundred successful people Personal Bestserves as a powerful personal transformation and self help tool, that gives you not only an understanding of the characteristics of highly effective people, but direct, easy-to-implement strategies that you can employ to realise instant self improvement .Personal Best provides inspirational insights and motivational success stories from global achievers to assist you to reach your full potential in business and in life. After extensive research, interviewing and testing the motivational methods of leaders in business, sports, science, politics and management – the key tools to making positive change were identified and are made clear .As well as gaining an understanding of the personal transformation strategies employed by those that have achieved notable success, you will also begin to understand why you do what you do, what your drivers are and how you can harness your mindset to make quantum leaps forward in any area of your life.Personal Best explores:
The myth of natural talent and why intelligent action will win every time.
The secret power strategies that have worked for the world’s most successful CEOs, greatest athletes and leaders.

How to rid yourself of the fears that stop you getting what you want and what you the one area in your life you must be clear about, if you are to reach your potential.

The ethos of Personal Best is that each of us, by making minor, personal improvements, can bring about massive success quickly and sustainably. Your life is about private and personal victories, and if you commit to continuous self improvement, you will make progress and gain pride in the personal success of having done something you have never achieved before. Personal Best can be the cornerstone to incredible achievement.

Personal Best gives you immediate access to the thinking and key strategies of the world’s best thinkers and achievers. The motivational stories and inspirational quotes allow you to understand not only the thinking of successful people but how you can replicate that success as part of your own journey of personal development and self improvement.

The uniqueness of Personal Best as a personal development guide is that the ideas and themes shared are not provided by one person or with a focus on one particular market, but draw on the lessons from high flyers from a wide range of backgrounds, all of whom have shown similar qualities in achieving their aims.

The contributors to Personal Best include:

Sir Frank Williams – Founder, Williams Grand Prix –
Lord Harris – Chairman, Carpetright PLC
Sir Chris Evans – Biotech’ Entrepreneur –
Tony Hsieh – CEO, Zappos
Sir George Buckley – Chairman, 3M –
Lord Michael Ashcroft – Former Chairman, ADT
Sir Tom Farmer – Founder, Kwik Fit Group –
Lord Neil Kinnock – Former Labour Leader
Dave Scott – Six times World Ironman Champion –
Mike Duke – CEO Wal-Mart –
Trevor Baylis OBE – Inventor
Lord Paddy Ashdown – Former Liberal Party Leader –
Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE
Bernie Siegel – Author and healer –
Nirmalya Kumar – Author & Professor of Marketing,
Chris Guillbeau – Author of Non Conformity & The $100 start up –
Craig Sams – Founder, Green & Blacks Chocolate
David Novak – CEO, Yum
John Redwood – MP, former Secretary of State for Wales
Teresa Amabile – Author & Professor of Business Harvard Business School
David Meerman Scott – Author The New Rules of Marketing & PR
B. K. S. Iyengar – Founder, Iyengar Yoga
Dean Finch – CEO National Express
Joseph Wan – CEO, Harvey Nichols
Peter Bieler – CEO Media Funding & Infomercial Pioneer and many more successful achievers and high flyers.