Title: Peril: What Was Written Has Come True
Author: Barbara Lamb
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Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 stars(15)

monstrous conspiracy is about to destroy one of Europe’s most important pillars of democracy. The next target is the United States. This thriller may be closer to the truth than you could imagine…

For decades a clandestine organization has been systematically infiltrating the highest levels of political and military power, masterminding the seemingly random failure of democracies. Its crowning glory is finally ready to go.

Sofie McAdam is content working as a Canadian diplomat until she stumbles onto a horrifying populist plot that will forever change her life, and that of the entire western world.

Through his work as an MI6 agent, Rik Whitford has been fighting a seemingly endless war against global terrorism. Weary beyond his years, he’s ready for a change….until a woman colleague comes to him for help.

Rik, Sofie and a small band of Israeli, French and American operatives must piece together a complex puzzle dating back to World War II. The peril is extreme. The team must draw on every ounce of its experience and ingenuity to prevent the overthrow of one of Europe’s most venerated countries. Should the team fail, the next target is in the United States. And that plot is well underway.

PERIL is a sophisticated, heart-pounding political thriller, reminiscent of the books of Daniel Silva and Tom Clancy. It is a book about true heroism and true evil. Carrying the reader on a gripping ride across Europe and the Middle East, PERIL never lets up right through to its shocking finish. Like Woodward’s exploration of the rise of Trump, the book provides a provocative, thought-provoking exploration of the origins and dangerous outcomes of populism, when used as a tactic to divide and conquer. It will make you think about your own experience in the fraught world of today. Lamb’s knowledge of geo-political history paints a vivid portrait of what could actually be very close to the truth.

If you’re a political or historical junkie who yearns for an intricate plot and compelling characters, PERIL is a must-read that will leave you wanting more. Buy it now, and count on a sleepless night or two!