Title: Peace Force: (Book 1 in the Harriet Walsh series)
Author: Simon Haynes
Price: FREE
Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 stars(4)
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Would you work for a deranged robot? Harriet Walsh does!
Her weapon won’t fire without the right paperwork, the patrol car is driving her up the wall, and her crime-fighting computer doesn’t even have solitaire.
Welcome to the Peace Force …

Peace Force is set in the distant future, where the galaxy has been colonised and human-like robots are commonplace. It’s good clean fun, written with wry humor.
Each Harriet Walsh novel is a complete, stand-alone story. No cliffhanger at the end of each book!
The Harriet Walsh Series

Harriet Walsh 1: Peace Force (Out Now)
Harriet Walsh 2: Alpha Minor (Out Now)
Harriet Walsh 3: Sierra Bravo (Out Now)

Harriet Walsh is also a major character in the Hal Spacejock books, and she joins the series in Hal Spacejock 4, No Free Lunch.

The Harriet Walsh, Hal Spacejock and Hal Junior novels are all set in the same universe.